Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Little loves- big fun

I must confess, this blog will end up being an enabler to my already "bad" beauty addiction.It's not like the hubby isn't pro-Apple anything -so I say we are even. I do tend to do the majority of my shopping at Sephora, but in no way are they the only player in the beauty game. With the holiday's right upon us I must say that this is my favorite time of year. Not only are there cookies and hot cocoa and holiday cheer- there are some of the best gift sets, mini must haves, and limited edition sets you'll see all year.

First off:

Benefits Cosmetics Little Love Potions ( retails for $36.00 )

     I love this set. Seriously love it. You get 10 travel size minis at an amazing value. 
The badgal mascara retails for $10 alone. This mascara is a winner and is my go to of all mascaras. Don't you hate how a mascara tends to dry out and go bad long before you finish it. ME TOO!! Another reason I am a huge advocate for mascara mini's. You get your full $$ worth, get a fresh mascara ever 3 months and look amazing doing so. 
 You get 3 primers, ( 1 eyeshadow primer, 2 face primers )
That right- 2 different primers for the face to get 2 different bases to your look. 
1. The POREfessional is packed with vitamin E and gives the skin such a smooth and even start. I love this one. It smells great- like fresh squeezed oranges and reduces the appearance of pores in a flash.
2.The That Gal face primer has a pinky pearl shimmer to it and gives your face such a healthy looking glow- all while reducing pore size and creating a great base. Either of these two can easily be worn alone  as well.
The eye primer stay don't stray really does a great job of keeping the horrid eyeshadow creases away. 
     You also get two hightlighters- Highbeam and Watts Up.
Personally- I can't say enough about the Watts up. Its a more solid highlighter- texture wise similar to lipstick and gives the skin the most a-maze-ing soft highlights. You know how great your skin looks in candle-light. That's exactly what this does. The Highbeam is a liquid highlighter and gives the skin a soft pinky pearl look. When I want a soft- no make up look I have been know to use this as my eyeshadow alone. It's that versatile.
     There is a warm nude lip gloss called Hoola, and the matte bronzer Hoola to match. I personally think that a light dusting of bronzer makes just about everyone look a little more away and fresh. This one is prefect for that being a matte shade, you can contour, shade and do just about anything with this.
     The cheek color Posietint is a soft universal pink that blends in great. A little bit of this stuff really goes a long way. Remember Scarlet O'Hara pinching her cheeks for color- thats the look this will give you. Its soft and non intimidating. 
     Last but not least you get the It's Potent Eye Cream. Who does love a product that eliminates under eye puffy darkness? I can't think of anyone- and that's exactly what this does. Dark circles and fine lines- be gone!

All in all you get to try 10 different products that I am confident just about anyone would fall in love with- all for under $40.00. That in my book is a bargain. 

You can find it here:

Sephora will allow you to get 3 free samples w/ any online order, but you would also be able to add a promo code - my current favorites are promo codes FIXIT, BLITZ, VIBSPREE, and MUFEARTIST

Benefits Cosmetics offers 2 samples w/ every order and Ulta offers Free Shipping for orders over $25. 

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