Wednesday, November 20, 2013

battle of the sparkles

     Every year when the holidays roll around- I hear and see everyone wanting a fun festive makeup eye to both flatter their chosen attire and not make them look like a 7 year old pixie. No offense towards 7 year old or pixies. How does one pull off the deceptively simple glitter eyeshadow without looking cheesey and comical? I really really believe that with this you get what you pay for, so if you are looking that sparkley, shimmery, glittery goodness- then these are my suggestions.

3D Liquid Lustre from LORAC.

Winner winner chicken dinner!
This stuff is amazing! I tried the original Diamond color  ( $16.00 )on a whim and WOW! I was so incredibly mad that I did not get the 4 piece holiday set. ( $28.00 ) As you can see- the set is a much better value. Go with the set. Seriously.
     I am also aware that the above can be intimidating to some. Maybe you are just the powder eyeshadow type- either way I have options there too!

     Marc Jacobs recently expanded into the beauty market and his beauty line does not disappoint. For that added shimmery look- go with the Tonite Lights Glitter Dust. ( $32.00 )The texture and feel of this stuff so smooth and velvety its easy to see why its on the list. I would stick with the Stagelight ( bottom ) as it's the most universal of the options, but all are winners. This easily can be worn over other eyeshadows and for a more subtle effect can be worn alone too. Bonus- if you are like me- pulling out the cute little Marc Jacob's compact always makes me smile- duh- it's Marc Jacobs!

Loose Powdered Glitters: I would not suggest these for the novice as most require a stronger base on the than most are used to wearing. With that said- they are great. When applied correctly that last all day and have some pretty amazing options like TooFaced's Glamour Dust ( $17.00 ) or Make Up For Ever's Diamond powder. ( $25.00 ) I find that although I wouldn't describe the TooFaced as chunky glitter by any means- it not the smoothest of all the options. Redeeming factor are that it comes in 4 fab color options. Make Up For Ever offers 11 great shades. Who doesn't need 11 glitter options? 

No matter what- you can never have too much sparkle.  Never ever.

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