Saturday, November 23, 2013

brightening the day- one eye at a time.

     Do you ever wake up, look in the mirror and think OMG- no amount of make up, cover up, or cucumbers will make these bags under my eyes better? I share your pain. I think my three boys make it a personal challenge to see who can get up the earliest and wake me up first. Rudeness all around.
    First off- yes, there are tricks you can do with make up to wake up and brighten the eye, but that's a whole different blog still yet to come. Fake it until you make it they say, but why not start off with a better canvas to begin with?  I'm not going to jabber on and on about how you should drink lots of water and hydrate your skin. We all know that, but did you know that what your morning coffee does for you- there is an equally amazing product for your eyes!
     Welcome to the party- Glamglow BRIGHTMUD eye treatment.
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     I was given these as a sample on one of my visits and they are now a staple. One sample. That's literally all it took for convince me. I know that they are not an inexpensive product by far. These babies will run you $69.00 for 12 treatments. Would I use these every day- probably not. For a more occasional as needed/special occasion- absolutely! If a product can make me not look like I scratching my way out a shallow grave in 3 minutes- its a winner in my book. 

     They not only help with the dark circles and puffiness, they also are packed with nutrients and minerals and oodles of other goodies to help with the fine lines and leave your eyes super hydrated. You simple tap on the muddy goo ( yes it looks like goo, or maybe slime. ) and wipe off 3-5 minutes later. In the words of Emeril- BAM! Your eyes look considerably better. 
     Now the budget minded side of me must tell you that there is enough in each pod to do both eyes. That's right- 1 pod- 2 eyes. Making it less that $3.00 per treatment. Do I think that it's worth it- absolutely. I can't think of one lady out there that would disagree with me.

These are sold direct from Glamglow- link above and you can also find them at Sephora counters everywhere. Sephora- Glamglow BRIGHTMUD eye treatment

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