Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sunshine means sun safety time!

If you are like me- you grew up getting slathered with smelly thick white sunscreen. It would leave you sticky, slimey, smelly, and any other S thing you can think of. I hated it. I can honestly say that the mere mention of a product like that makes me question even putting anything on.

Well sun protection is too important not too. Welcome to the party Coppertone's new CLEARLYsheer sunscreen. This stuff is amazing!

I loved that when I put it on- it absorbed in almost instantly. It does not have that overpowering sunscreen, and best yet- it didn't make me greasy!

This product has been clinically tested on acne prone skin and is show to not clog pores or cause breakouts!

I received this as part of my bzzkit and I couldn't be happier with the first hand results I have seen!

I'll do a follow up in a few weeks on my thoughts for using this product over time.

Thanks for reading!